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Argentina exports 25,593 MUSD of GM products to 114 countries.

This section focuses on exports of products and by-products of GM crops with 70% or greater adoption rate. Seeds, niche market products or molecular farming products are not included.

Argentina's GM products exports

Exports of products and by-products derived from transgenic crops from Argentina in millions of US dollars (MUSD) over the years. Each color corresponds to a product.

Values in MUSD

Subproducts included. Source: UN Comtrade

Share of Argentina's GM products in world exports (%)

Percentage, in value, of what is exported worldwide of each of these crops originating in Argentina. Based on export values.


Argentina’s position in main crops' worldwide export ranking.

Crop Ranking
Total Soybean
Soybean Oil
Soybean Meal
Cotton 12°

Argentina's main export destinations

Top 5 destinations for products and by-products of all GM crops (combined) exported from Argentina. Shown in millions of USD (MUSD) and share (%) in the country's total exports.

# Destination MUSD Part. (%) of total GM exported by Argentina
1 Vietnam 2,883 11.3%
2 India 2,858 11.2%
3 China 2,438 9.5%
4 Netherlands 1,350 5.3%
5 Indonesia 1,289 5.0%

Argentina's export destinations

Destination of all products and by-products of all GM crops with 70% or greater adoption in the country combined.

Based on Comtrade data. Ave. 2020, 2021, 2022